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The Savage Noble

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The Savage Noble is a City Quest that is part of the Lines of Justice storyline.

World Nightime Intrigue


The Savage Noble

Groat approaches as Carellen rubs blood from her dress. "Lord Cley killed Kyra, the girl he bedded last night. We must conceal his crime."



Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"Why should I life a finger to shield a murderer from justice?"

"Lord Cley's family wields influence and wealth in equal measure. Expose his crime, and he'll surely dissolve his deal and take his riches elsewhere."

"Conceal Lord Cley's involvement in the murder. Our deal mustn't fall apart now."

"Good Alvyn, what do you think should be done with Lord Cley?"

"Lord Cley is a murderer, my [lord/lady]. It is our duty to expose him as the m-monster he is." Carellen lends her passionate support to Alvyn's suggestion.

"I will see Lord Cley answer for his crime, even if it costs my hold his family's riches."


"I can't risk the future of this hold over one lost life. See that Lord Cley is protected."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Cunning IconAlignment Realm Icon Groat nods somberly and departs to cover up Lord Cley's violent act. "A woman died...," Carellen says in disgust, before leaving in a cold fury.
Alignment Truthful Icon Carellen offers her thanks and departs to inform the guards of Lord Cley's crime. Groat clicks his tongue in distaste.

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Of Wealth and Privilege - Lines of Justice - II - The Innocent and the Fallen
Alignment Truthful Icon Shield of Nobility
Volume I

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