A book that is sacred to the Ironborn and those that revere the Drowned God. Written by several of the Hing Kings, the Ironborn Kings that sat a the Seastone Chair before Aegon the Conquerer came to Westeros. The book is locked with a puzzle lock that is impossible to pick and requires a Kraken Cipher to open it.

Featured InEdit


Page 56Edit

"When ends the Long Summer, know that the Long Night shall be marked by the burring of a star in the sky. Witness its red fire both day and night."

"This red star is the blood in the water. In the green lands will stride once more the Lords of Winter. Beware the coming of the bloody star."

Page 117Edit

"Let no man ride the seas in the Long Winter who has not already died. Give your brethren to the Drowned God, or you will give them to death forever."

"Look to the seas for your salvation. That which is dead does not die, bur rises harder and stronger."

Page 256Edit

"The first man drown'd and returned came to his senses with a vision. Into salt-scarred rock he carved this sign, the Drowned God's Seal."

"On the Isle of the Old Wyk, in the Ancient Cove, is hidden the Seal. Retrieve it when the prophecies of the Long Night are upon us."

Unnumbered PagesEdit

The remainder of the Writings contain dreams and prophecies, accounts of ancient Ironborn kings and the reaver lords of old.

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