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The Owl Takes Flight

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The Owl Takes Flight is a Sworn Sword Quest that is part of the Spy in the Shadows storyline.

World Brothel

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The Owl Takes Flight

"We've found the spy, my [lord/lady]. Her name is Myra, a lovely prostitute operating secretly as the 'Owl.' When cornered for capture, she...she f-fled."



"The 'Owl' is a whore?"

Alvyn nods regretfully. "Harlots hear many secrets, my [lord/lady]. There's no telling how many of your nobles or guards spoke while resting on her pillow."

"Myra's information will bring dishonor to my house. She must be found at once."

"Ser Hugo, how did a prostitute slip past your guards?"

Ser Hugp delivers his report with a clenched jaw. "The 'Owl' was entertaining when we arrived, my [lord/lady]. She escaped while searching for clothes."

"My hold won't be safe until the 'Owl'--and her master--are brought to justice."

"Lovely prostitute? Did you share this spy's bed Alvyn?"

Alvyn shamefully lowers his head. "Myra was a masterful seductress, my [lord/lady]. I assure you, I divulged no secrets in her company."

"Bring Myra before me. I must meet this 'Owl' who seduced my court for their secrets."

All Alignment Quest

Whichever option you select, the following Sworn Sword Quest will activate. Alignment Family IconAlignment Realm IconAlignment Truthful Icon


Item Card

Hooded Horseman

Item Border Silver

Common Gem

Battle Icon 2 48
Trade Icon 2 48
Intrigue Icon 2 48


A spy within your holding



Fight Your sworn sword chased Myra on horseback and ran down the spy before she escaped into the wilderness. She surrendered, but refused to say a word.
Sabotage Your sworn sword ordered guards to block the roads. When Myra spotted the checkpoints, she ran for the wilderness and was quickly captured.
Spy Your sworn sword picked up Myra's trail and followed her to a meeting place in the wilderness. Though Myra was easily captured, her master never showed.
SwindleYour sworn sword set a trap by leaving a broken supply caravan on the open roads. Myra arrived after several hours to gather food and was quickly captured.
Harass Your sworn sword locked away the prostitutes Myra once called friends. When she heard news of this injustice, Myra surrendered in exchange for their freedom.
Bribe Your sworn sword paid a hungry prostitute who revealed where Myra's hiding place rested in the wilderness. By morning, the "Owl" had been captured.


The 'Owl' proved far too swift-footed for [Your Sworn Sword].  Perhaps another attempt to apprehend the spy? (Must Retry; +1 Wound)

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