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The Marriage Trap

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The Marriage Trap is a City Quest that is part of the Kraken Lurks storyline.

World The Twins


The Marriage Trap

"Kirth! Stay in my tents," crows Theon Greyjoy. "This whole army at hand, yet Robb Stark loses to a Frey girl!" He quiets, unsure of what to share.



Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


Seek details about this Frey girl who supposedly defeated Robb Stark.

"Weaselly Lord Walder Frey matched his weaselly daughter with--" Theon flushes, realizing he's betrayed a confidence. "No matter," he says hastly.

Tell Theon of Kirth's own narrow escape from marriage to a Frey daughter.

Ask Theon why House Frey has anything to do with Robb's army.

"House Frey's keep on the Trident, the Twins? Only place for the army to cross." He sighs. "I'd go for the twins right now. You could enjoy them, after!"

Imply Robb keeps Theon in the dark to trick him into sharing more information.

Press Theon for information on Robb's intentions.

Theon quiets. "Can't say, Kirth. Robb has me in his command tent. I'm to fight beside him," he says proudly. "Any business with the Freys is his."

Imply Theon's reluctance to share betrays a lack of loyalty to House Greyjoy.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful Icon Theon laughs, astounded. "Robb wasn't so lucky to avoid a Frey daughter. Marriage was Lord Frey's price to cross the river." He shudders. "A price too high."
Alignment Cunning Icon Theon growls, "Catelyn Stark sold Robb's loins to a Frey daughter, just to cross a river. Think I'm in the dark now?" Kirth smiles, "Clearly I was wrong."
Alignment Family Icon Theon flushes. "Lord Frey matched his daughter Walda to Robb Stark as payment for the crossing. He marches on King's Landing, to free Ned Stark from Cersei."

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