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The Mander

The river Mander is the largest river in the Reach. It is a powerful, slow-moving river, wide with snags and sandbars to trap the unwary ship. Settlements along the Mander include Tumbleton, Bitterbridge, Longtable, Cider Hall and Highgarden. The upper reaches of the Mander are muddy and rough and as they near Highgarden, they settle down and become clear and calm.

Adventures at the ManderEdit

Volume I Icon Settle Land Dispute
Volume I Icon Secure River Defenses
Volume II Icon Repair Damaged Floodworks (Day)
Volume III Icon Buy Seed and Livestock (Day)
Volume IV Icon Examine Blighted Wheat


The Shield Islands

composed of four islands: Greenshield, Greyshield, Oakenshield, and Southshield. The Shield Islands are located to the west of Highgarden and serves as a shield to the Mander river from the Iron Islands.
The Blueburn

a river is located in the Reach. It flows from the border of the Stormlands in the east into the Mander at Longtable. The Grassy Vale also sits along its shores.
The Cockleswent

a vassal stream of the Mander river in the Reach. It meets the Mander at Cider Hall. Ashford lies along the tributary.

a town located southwest of King's Landing, near the Reach's northeastern border with the Crownlands. It is near the source of the Mander.

a stronghold in the Reach located where the Mander meets the Roseroad. It takes its name from an ancient stone bridge that crosses the Mander. The castle is small, made of stone and timber. The keep is not that tall, but the land is low and flat and makes it seem taller.
Cider Hall

a stronghold in the Reach located along the shores of the Mander river to the northeast of Highgarden.

the seat of House Tyrell, regional capital of the Reach. It lies on the Mander and there the Ocean Road meets the Roseroad, making it an important crossroads.

a stronghold in the Reach located along the shores of the Mander river.

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