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The Khalasar

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Turn us away and we will burn you first! Edit

From the flames of an inactive alliance rose Camilla The Phoenix, first of her name, the Sunburnt, Mother of Dragon Eggs, Maker of Grains, Khaleesi of the Great Sourleaf Sea, Breaker of the Chains of Graveyard Alliances, and founder of the multinational group of daily players known as The Khalasar.

Our Mission Edit

Bored with your current alliance, finding it hard to garrison your SS with the camp limit or just fancy a change then read on...….

We are a small, friendly, global alliance seeking daily players of all experience.

Come and see.

We regularly finish top 20 in AvA with only 20 active war participants.

Come and see.

We won’t rape your sister, or skin your brother, but welcome them all to The Khalasar.

Come and see.

Expectations Edit

We have experienced officers to help in all aspects of the game so it doesn't matter if you have been playing for 3 weeks or 3 years. All we require is that you are an active player who will participate in AvA and join our facebook group and chat.

How to Join Edit

To receive an invitation, send a raven to the Khaleesi, 7681010.

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