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The Innocent and the Fallen

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The Innocent and the Fallen is a City Quest that is part of the Lines of Justice storyline.

World Brothel


The Innocent and the Fallen

The funeral for Lord Cley's victim is drenched in rain. "My [lord/lady], meet Kyra's mother," Carellen presents and old woman who tearfully greets you.



Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
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Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"I share your grief, my lady. Can I offer anything to ease your tragic loss?"

The grieving mother wipes away her tears. "The funeral's ruined my family. I have more little ones, crying for food and...and their sister."

"Groat, see that Kyra's wake is paid for from my personal treasury."

"Tell me of your daughter's life, so that we may remember her together."

She dabs at her eyes. "My daughter was proud. When only six, she sewed scarves and sold them in the market. Grown men couldn't out-haggle her."

"I promise you, whoever stole Kyra's life will suffer for their crime."


"Lord Cley regrets his absence, but he wishes to fund a memorial for your daughter."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment None Icon Simon Groat sadly bows and presses coins into the hand of Kyra's mother to tide her family over. She sobs at your kindness.
Alignment Old Ways Icon Kyra's mother offers her tearful thanks before collapsing in a sobbing fit. Carellen helps the poor woman find her way home.
Alignment Cunning Icon "A memorial?" Kyra's mother smiles sadly. Simon Groat nods in slyly. "I shall see that Lord Cley proffers payment before the sun has set, my fair [lord/lady]."

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