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The Happy Newlyweds

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The Happy Newlyweds is a City Quest that is part of the Lord and Lady Turner storyline.

World Lonely Tower


The Happy Newlyweds

Days after your successful recovery of Kirth's body, your daughter Jayne arrives with her husband Devan. "My [lord/lady]! Thank you for having us."



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"You are welcome, Lord Devan. How do things fare in your lands?"

Devan looks blank. "Couldn't be better--" Jayne speaks over him. "Your war with Lord Regenard ravaged out lands. The smallfolk despise us."

"Jayne is very knowledgeable about your holdings, Lord Devan. Perhaps she should run them."

"Jayne, it's a joy to see you again. Are you enjoying life as a lady?"

"Of course," Lord Devan responds cheerily. Jayne narrows her eyes at him. "Yes, my [lord/lady]. As much as one can enjoy needlepoint and arranging flowers."

"Perhaps one day you will rule in your own right, Jayne. Until then, you must be content."


"This is a solemn occasion, Lord Devan. I hope you weren't expecting a feast."

Sword Swords



Alignment Family Icon Lord Devan chuckles nervously. "Now I see where you get it from, my dear." Jayne frowns and leaves the great hall.
Alignment Realm Icon Lord Devan smiles gratefully at you. "You do produce fine work, my dear." Jayne frowns and leaves the great hall.
Alignment Old Ways Icon Lord Devan pales a little. "Oh, no, I didn't mean--" Jayne sighs. "Forgive him, my [lord/lady]. He knows little of life at [Your Holding]. I should have warned him."

Quest Icon Volume You Icon Quest Sworn Sword Icon

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