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The Gauntlet, Thrown

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The Gauntlet, Thrown is a City Quest that is part of the Grudge storyline.

World Nightime Intrigue


The Gauntlet, Thrown

"This just arrived. I told nobody." You scan the letter. It ends with, "All your unjustly gains shall be retaken." No signature, just three red drops.



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"How did this message arrive? Was anyone seen carrying it?"

"It appeared on my desk this morning. It wasn't there last night, I'm certain. None were seen entering my rooms, and the seal was completely blank."

"It arrived in a manner to show its author can reach me in my keep. We must be cautious."

"The contents of this letter speak of secrets long buried. How could anyone know?"

"How is less relevant than why, I suspect. To send such a letter is a declaration. I hazard the author is no fool, and wishes you fraught with worry."

"Someone has learned of my past, or comes from it themselves bearing ill will."


"None threaten my holdings or my people. Investigate this. Be thorough and swift.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Family Icon Alignment Cunning Icon Maester Lucas blanches. "I hadn't considered! I'll double the guard, immediately." You shake your head. "Not yet. There's someone with whom I must speak..."
Alignment Realm Icon The Maester nods. "Immediately, my [lord/lady]. I won't fail you." You say, "But before you begin, there's someone with whom I must speak..."

Volume I Icon Quest City Icon

Storyline Next Quest
The Grudge - I - Background Fosterling Icon Background Highborn Bastard Icon A Crime of Blood
Background Minor Noble by Marriage Icon A Crime of Blood
Background Whisperer Icon Background Merchant Icon A Crime of Perfidy
Background Hedge Knight Icon Background Former Mercenary Icon A Crime of War
Volume I

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