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The Forgotten Enemy

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The Forgotten Enemy is a City Quest that is part of the Well and Haunted storyline.

World Hidden Knife


The Forgotten Enemy

"Your smallfolk have long believed a vengeful spirit lives in the woods, snatching those who displease her. They call this spirit the Silent Lady."



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"The Silent Lady... where have I heard that name before?"

"The note, my [lady/lord]," your bailiff says eagerly. "Found on Lord Roxton after his ill-fated attempt to kill you. It was signed by the Silent Lady."

"Not so silent, if she left me a note. Maester Lucas, I wish to see this bloody missive."

"I don't believe in spirits. What else can you tell me of this Silent Lady?"

"Whoever she is, she clearly wishes you ill -- not only was she involved with Roxton, but she now targets your people and possibly your daughter's."

"The note found on Roxton might have nothing to do with these fanciful rumors."

"Gammer, why did you not come to me with word of this spirit?"

The old woman snorts. "Forgive me, [m'lady/m'lord]. Between dreams of wolves and dead men risin', I haven't had time to listen to idle gossip."

"With spirits, I take no chances. Gammer, ask the gods to keep the Silent Lady at bay."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful Icon Lucas nods. "At once, my [lady/lord]. I have it safely stored away in my rooms, along with the knife Roxton used against you..."
Alignment Cunning Icon "The only way to know is to examine the note," Rona insists. Maester Lucas nods. "I have it safely stored away with the knife Roxton used against you..."
Alignment Old Ways Icon Maester Lucas clears his throat. "In the meantime, we should examine the note she left with Roxton. I have it, along with the knife he used against you..."

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