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Westeros: The Crownlands

The capital of Westeros, the Crownlands was a contested regions before Aegon I seized control during the War of Conquest and gave the mighty city of King's Landing its name. Since then, the Crownlands have been ruled directly by the crown on the Iron Throne in the Red Keep. Should you find your way beneath its chambers, you can discover the hidden passages that lead to the bones and teeth of ancient beasts that wait patiently for their true rulers. Bastards in the Crownlands are given the surname Waters.

Since the rebellion of Robert Baratheon, the Crownlands have been ruled by House Baratheon. However, some claim that the nobles in the Crownlands still sew Targaryen banners and secretly maintain fealty to the rightful rulers. There is some truth to that.

Adventures & Camps There are three areas where Alliances can build Camps in the Crownlands;


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Bay of Crabs

a large bay that opens off the Narrow Sea. Its northern shore includes Gulltown and Wickenden in the Vale. The mouth of the Trident at Saltpans opens into the bay. Its southern shore includes Maidenpool in the Riverlands and the forests of Crackclaw Point in the Crownlands.
Blackwater Bay

a large is a body of water on the east coast of Westeros. The great city of King's Landing sits on Blackwater Bay where the Blackwater Rush pours into the bay.
Crackclaw Point

a peninsula in the Crownlands jutting out into the Narrow Sea. To the north lies the Bay of Crabs, to the south Blackwater Bay. It is full of bogs and pine barrens.

a large forest that lies across the Blackwater Rush from King's Landing. It is traversed by the Kingsroad.
Massey's Hook

a stretch of land that sailors must sail around in order to get to King's Landing from the south. Sharp Point sits at the end of the hook.
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Bodies Of Water
Blackwater Rush

the river which King's Landing is situated next to. It is a deep, swift river that flows into Blackwater Bay. Its currents are wicked and treacherous. Where the Blackwater meets the sea, the current is strong and swift.
The Gullet

the stretch of water between Dragonstone and Massey's Hook. Blackwater Bay opens into the Gullet.
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Claw Isle

also known as Crab Isle, the island lies a few hours sail north from Dragonstone.

the name of the island located at the entrance to Blackwater Bay and the castle thereon, which was shaped from stone to look like dragons. Dragonstone was the original seat of House Targaryen in Westeros.

an island near Dragonstone. It has a long point. The settlements High Tide & Hull are in Driftmark.
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Gold Road

a major road in southern Westeros beginning in King's Landing and ending at Lannisport and Casterly Rock.

main overland route in Westeros and extends for almost two thousand miles. From the northernmost end at Castle Black, at the Wall, it runs south to the capital, King's Landing and continues on through the Stormlands to Storm's End.
The Rosby

a road in the Crownlands running from the Iron Gate at King's Landing through Rosby to Duskendale. After Rosby, the road to Duskendale passes apple orchards and fields of barley and becomes rutted

a major road in southern Westeros which begins near King's Landing and extends southwest through the Reach to Oldtown.
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The Old Stone Bridge

an inn next to an old stone bridge. It is a tall, timbered building near Duskendale.
The Seven Swords

the largest inn in Duskendale. Its sign has seven wooden swords painted white.
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a village in the Crownlands located along the Kingsroad.

a large port town off the coast of Blackwater Bay. It is located northeast of King's Landing and Rosby in the Crownlands.
High Tide

a town on the island of Driftmark in the Crownlands.

a town on the island of Driftmark in the Crownlands.
King's Landing

the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, located in the Crownlands on the east coast of Westeros.
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The Antlers

a stronghold in the Crownlands located to the west of Rook's Rest and to the north of King's Landing.

a stronghold in the Crownlands located along the Kingsroad.

a stronghold in the Crownlands located near Crackclaw Point.
The Dun Fort

a large castle in the Crownlands that overlooks the town of Duskendale.
The Dyre Den

a stronghold in the Crownlands located at the end of the road from Maidenpool, on a cliff overlooking the sea.
The Hayford

a castle in the Crownlands. It sits upon a hilltop and has a stream run alongside the castle.
The Red Keep

the royal castle of Westeros located in King's Landing.
Rook's Rest

a stronghold in the Crownlands located northeast of King's Landing, on the northern shore of Blackwater Bay and northwest of Driftmark.

a castle in the Crownlands located near King's Landing to the north. It sits along the Rosby.
Sharp Point

a tower in the Crownlands located at the end of Massey's Hook. It is a large watchtower upon which a great fire burns atop.
Sow's Horn

a stronghold in the Crownlands located near the border between the Crownlands and the Riverlands. It consists of a towerhouse made of stone whose walls are eight feet thick.

a stronghold in the Crownlands located near King's Landing to the north.

a stronghold in the Crownlands located on Massey's Hook on the far eastern shore of Westeros.
Sweetport Sound

a stronghold in the Crownlands.
The Whispers

a ruined castle on Crackclaw Point. It is an ancient, downtrodden castle that sits on the edge of a cliff.

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