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The Changing Forest

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The Changing Forest is a City Quest that is part of the Change in the Forest storyline.

World Iron Throne


The Changing Forest

"There have been many battles fought since Stannis and Renly Baratheon challenged King Joffrey's rule. Where does your allegiance lie?"



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"I've heard of Stannis's victories. How does he fare?"

"Lord Stannis has the strongest forces, though is methods are... mysterious. There are whispers he consorts with magi from across the Narrow Sea."

"My allegiance has always been to the rightful king, Stannis Baratheon."

"Renly seems much beloved. Does he have a chance?"

"Lord Renly is no warrior, but he is a good and noble man who would make a good and noble king. But good men do not reign long."

"I would support a man I admire more than a man with armies. I stand with Renly Baratheon."

"King Joffrey is still king. How strong is his claim?"

"If King Joffrey is Robert Baratheon's son, his claim cannot be questioned. If he is Jaime Lannister's son, only the Lannisters can protect him."

"I do not believe the lies about the Lannisters. My loyalty remains with King Joffrey."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Old Ways Icon Rona nods. "I will make certain Lord Stannis knows of your loyalty. He may have special use for a new friend..."
Alignment New Ways Icon Rona nods. "I will make certain Lord Renly knows of your loyalty. He may have special use for a new friend..."'
Alignment Realm Icon Rona nods. "I will make certain King Joffrey knows of your loyalty. The Lannisters may have special use for a new friend..."

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The Last Word - The Change in the Forest - In the King's Shadow
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