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Tales of Ice and Fire

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Participate in epic Tales from the books and series!

Tales of Ice and Fire

Tales of Ice and Fire is the spiritual successor to and replacement for World Events. These story-driven, time-limited events are played individually using your Sworn Swords and allow for competitive Player-versus-Environment game play.

Command Points are not required for Tales and there are no timers, instead Tales uses a mechanic called Vigor. Players must be at least level 15 to participate.

The TalesEdit

Currently there are 11 Tales that players can participate in. Tales' events are ran regularly, usually alternating with AvA phases.

Tale Name Tale Type Release Date
The Dragon Queen 50% Battle Icon 2 50% Trade Icon 2 23 April, 2015
Slaver's Bay 50% Battle Icon 2 50% Intrigue Icon 2 12 May, 2015
Arya and the Hound 50% Battle Icon 2 50% Intrigue Icon 2 27 May, 2015
Tyrion in Exile 50% Trade Icon 2 50% Intrigue Icon 2 10 June, 2015
The King in the North 50% Battle Icon 2 50% Trade Icon 2 24 June, 2015
Fist of the First Men 50% Battle Icon 2 50% Intrigue Icon 2 8 July, 2015
Azor Ahai Reborn 100% Battle Icon 2 30 July, 2015
Daughter of the North 50% Trade Icon 2 50% Intrigue Icon 2 12 August, 2015
The Free Folk 50% Battle Icon 2 50% Intrigue Icon 2 26 August, 2015
Three-Eyed Raven 100% Intrigue Icon 2 2 December, 2016
Breaker of Chains 100% Trade Icon 2 7 July, 2017


Vigor is an energy mechanic that is expended to participate in Tales. Like actions in Boss Challenges, Vigor recovers over time (1 per 6 minutes), up to a cap of 80, at which time it must be spent in order to accrue any more. Vigor can also be purchased for gold and, unlike Boss Challenges, purchased Vigor can exceed the cap.
Icon vigor mug

You only need to spend Vigor once per Challenge, no matter how many Locations you progress through. If you complete the Challenge, fail a Location, or retreat from an attempt you will need to pay Vigor to begin your next attempt. Each Challenge attempt costs 20 Vigor.

Cost Vigor Gained
7 Gold Icon 20 Vigor
18 Gold Icon 60 Vigor
28 Gold Icon 100 Vigor
53 Gold Icon 200 Vigor


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