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About Talents

Starting from level 5, you will receive 1 new talent point every time you level up. Your character also starts with 1 free point in the action talent of their chosen Fealty. Talent points can be stockpiled, they do not need to be assigned at the time they are earned. Assigned talent points are fixed and can only be changed by paying 5 Gold Icon. This resets all of your talent points to their unassigned state.

Permanent Talents
If you choose to Reincarnate you will be granted a single permanent talent point. These points are shown in purple and talents with permanent points allocated to them are marked with a purple diamond beneath the description.

Premium Talents
Talents that require Gold Gold Icon to unlock are known as Premium Talents. Unlocking a premium talent does not grant you with an additional talent point, and premium talents do not take effect until at least one talent point is assigned to them. You only need to pay the gold amount once, no further gold is required when assigning talent points to a premium talent, and if you reincarnate the talent remains unlocked.

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