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About Talents

Starting from level 5, you will recieve 1 new talent point every time you level up. You will also get 1 free point in your chosen Fealty actoin talent.

Permanent Talents
Talents will remain until you restart or reincarnate. Should you decide to reincarnate you will be able to select one Talent Point to remain permanent, meaning that it will remain regardless of how many times you reincarnate in future.

Any Talents that you unlock with Gold will not requre Gold to be unlocked again, but you will need to relearn all the talents leading up to that Talent in order to relearn the Talent Again.

If you unlock a premium Talent from one of the Fealty Talents, and then reincarnate to a different Fealty, you will not be able to develop any of those unlocked Talents. In case of Fealty Building Talents or Command Point Talents that doesn't pose a problem. In case of most other Fealty talents which have 8 possible points, you will need to reincarnate 8 times into that same fealty in order to permanently unlock all 8 points in that particular talent.

For more information on Permanent Talents, check out the Reincarnation page.

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