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Taking the Black (Vol II)

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Taking the Black is a City Quest that is part of the Derryk's New Beginning storyline.

World Lonely Tower


Taking the Black

Maester Lucas stands before you with Derryk. "The war in Westeros spreads every day. We can no longer risk keeping a bastard of King Robert's here."



"What do you suggest we do with Derryk, maester?"

The boy steps forward. "With your permission, my [lord/lady], I'm willing to take the black, and join the Night's Watch on the Wall."

"If this is truly what you wish, Derryk. You'll always have a place here."

"Are you afraid, boy? You're under my protection."

"That's just it, my [lord/lady]. I can't endanger your house. Let me go north and join the Night's Watch. There are plenty of bastards there."

"For the good of my house, I must agree. You will leave for the Wall immediately."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Family Icon Alignment Realm Icon Maester Lucas nods. "We will send a sword to escort him." Derryk bows before you. "Thank you, my [lord/lady]. I will send ravens, if my brothers allow it."

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Derryk's New Beginning - I - The Cold Bite of Steel
Volume II

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