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About TacticsEdit

Tactics are a new system introducing with The Long Night expansion, starting on October 22, 2014. Tactics allow our Alliances and their members to customize bonuses for themselves. Alliance Tactics affect all Alliance members, Player Tactics on the other hand are individual to each player. Tactics are activated using the new currency called Prestige. All tactics last for 3 days. They can be deactivated (will be lost) prior to that time, if player or alliance decides to replace it with a different one.

Alliance TacticsEdit

Alliance Tactics
Every alliance has 4 Alliance Tactic Slots, each of which can hold an active Tactic. This allows the alliance to have up to four tactics active and running simultaneously. Initially only one slot is unlocked. The remaining slots can be unlocked using Prestige, and the cost is 60000 Presige-Icon for each slot, regardless of Alliance Tier. Any alliance member can contribute their prestige to unlocking a tactic slot. Once a tactic slot is unlocked, it will remain unlocked, even after the tactic applied to it has expired.

Alliance Tactics also require Prestige Presige-Icon to be activated. Unlike Tactic Slots, the cost for Alliance Tactics themselves scale with alliance size, and is divided into ten Tiers.

Player Tactics (My Tactics)Edit

Player Tactics
Every player who is in an alliance also has 4 Player Tactic Slots for their character. One slot is unlocked, the other 3 can be unlocked using Prestige, at the cost of 4000 Presige-Icon per slot. They work the same way as alliance tactic slots do, except they are limited to each individual player, which also means that only you may contribute Prestige to unlock them.

Much like Alliance tactics, Player Tactics also require Prestige Presige-Icon to be activated. There are different sets of Tactics, that can be activated.
Player Tactics remain activated during reincarnation, and you will retain all of your Prestige Presige-Icon as long as you remain in an alliance.

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