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One of the three types of Trade specialisations. Characters who swear Fealty to the Lannister House may become particularly good at Swindle if they max out their Golden Wealth

Swindle in Adventures and Quests


Swindle in Player to Player

main article: Player to Player Actions

Gain silver from an unbalanced trade agreement when successful; appears as Barter to the target. Both sides gain silver, though the loser get much less.

Hints and Tips

Swindle in Alliance vs Alliance

main article: Alliance Vs Alliance Actions

A Swindle Action in Alliance Vs Alliance (AvA) will give Silver to both camps involved, damage the defending camp by 1% and hurt defending Sworn Swords.

Buildings and Upgrades

Should you wish to play a character that specialises in Swindle, the following Buildings and Building Upgrades may be of interest to you.


Market Sundries Stall Upgrade
Sundries Stall: increased chance of improved results when producing Trade Weapons, Armor and Units
Market Exchange Upgrade
Gold IconExchange: faster production of Trade Weapons, Armor and Units


Treasury Vault Upgrade
Vault: spend less Silver Iconto produce Trade Weapons.
Treasury Fine Goblets Upgrade
Fine Goblets: spend less Silver Iconto produce Trade armor


Warehouse Loading Bay Upgrade
Loading Bay: faster production of Trade weapons
Warehouse Hired Guards Upgrade
Hired Guards: faster production of Trade units
Warehouse Storeroom Upgrade
Storeroom: faster production of Trade armor

Artisan Quarters

Artisan Quarters Kiln Upgrade
Kiln: spend less Silver Iconto produce Trade units
Artisan Quarters Woven Tapestry Upgrade
Woven Tapestry: increase in power to Trade when attacking
Artisan Quarters Painting Upgrade
Painting: increase in power to Trade when defending

Swindle Troops and Items

Weapons that give a bonus to Trade or Swindle;

Weapons Armour Units Companions Boons