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Summerhall is a ruined castle in the Stormlands. Formerly a lightly fortified castle used by the Targaryens as a summer castle and royal residence, it was destroyed in a great fire.

Adventures in SummerhallEdit

Volume I Icon Preserve the Castle Ruins
Volume I Icon Cool the Burning Embers
Volume III Icon Gather Fast-Flying Ravens (Day)
Volume IV Icon Promote Baratheon Fealty

Quests in SummerhallEdit

Quest Bonus Icon The Prize of Summerhall


Dornish Marches

an area of the southwestern Stormlands bordering Dorne, the Reach, and the Sea of Dorne. Its landscape includes plains and the northern Red Mountains. A road runs south from the ruins of Summerhall in the northern marches to Yronwood via the Boneway.

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