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World Storm's End

Storm's End is the seat of House Baratheon along Shipbreaker Bay in the Stormlands. One of the strongest castles in the Seven Kingdoms. Storm's End is surrounded by a massive outer curtain wall. The castle itself consists of one huge drum tower crowned with formidable battlements.

Featured InEdit

Volume I Icon The Thundersheaves



main overland route in Westeros and extends for almost two thousand miles. From the northernmost end at Castle Black, at the Wall, it runs south to the capital, King's Landing and continues on through the Stormlands to Storm's End.
Rain House

a castle in the Stormlands in the eastern Rainwood along the southern shore of Shipbreaker Bay near the northeastern tip of Cape Wrath.
Shipbreaker Bay

a large bay along the eastern coast of Westeros. Storm's End sits along its shore.

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