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One of the three types of Intrigue specialisations. Characters who sworn Fealty to the Targaryen House may become particularly good at Spy if they max out their Endless Endurance Talent.

The spying strength of your Sworn Swords performing Spy Actions equal your Player Character's Spy Stat (including Buildings and Equipment) and their own training and Equipment. Any percentile bonuses (e.g., from Talents) for attacks or defense are then applied on the total score.

Spy in Adventures and Quests

Spy is always an option in Adventures and often one in Quests.

Spy in Player to Player

main article: Player to Player Actions

Spy is a recon Action. Spy Actions in Player to Player (PtP) will allow you to see the other player's stats while performing an Action towards them for 3 days. It is a neutral Action, thus neither the "attacking" nor the "defending" Sworn Sword can get injured.

Spy in Alliance vs Alliance

main article: Alliance Vs Alliance Actions

A successful Spy Action in Alliance Vs Alliance (AvA) allow you to gain information on the enemy's camp such as level, type, number of Sworn Swords garrisoned there. It is a neutral Action, thus neither the "attacking" nor the "defending" Sworn Sword can get injured.

Buildings and Upgrades

Should you wish to play a character that specialises in Spy, the following Buildings and Building Upgrades may be of interest to you.


Embassy Meeting Hall Upgrade
Meeting Hall: increased chance of improved results when producing Spy Weapons, Armor and Units
Embassy Holding Cell Upgrade
Holding Cell: spend less Silver Icon to produce Spy Weapons, Armor, and Units
Embassy Guardhouse Upgrade
Guardhouse: faster production of Spy Weapons, Armor and Units
Embassy Foreign Diplomat Upgrade
Foreign Diplomat: faster Spy attacks

Spy Troops and Items

Weapons that give a bonus to Intrigue or Spy:

Weapons Armour Units Companions Boons