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Sothoryos is one of the four known continents in the world. It lies to the southeast of Westeros and is south of Ghiscar in Essos across the Summer Sea. East of Sothoryos is the Jade Sea. Sothoryos is a large continent, covered in jungles, plague-ridden, and largely unexplored. The northern coast has been mapped, with the ruined cities of Zamettar, Yeen, Gogossos and Gorosh noted, but little else is known of them.


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Basilisk Point

a peninsula on the northern coast of the continent of Sothoros. The Isle of Tears lies to the east of the point, while Naath lies to the west. To the north are the Basilisk Isles.
Wyvern Point

a peninsula located in eastern Sothoros. It is covered in dense jungle and contains the ruined city of Gorosh.
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a ruined city on the Isle of Tears. It lies on the southern coast of the island, facing the continent of Sothoros.

a ruined city on the northern coast of Wyvern Point in Sothoros.

a ruined city on the continent of Sothoros. It is situated at the point in the large river where it turns into a massive river delta. To the north is Zamettar.

a ruined city on the northern coast of Sothoros. It lies at the mouth of a large river delta. To the north are the Basilisk Isles and to the south is Yeen.

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