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Essos: Slaver's Bay

Slaver's Bay
Slaver's Bay is a cultural and geographical region in Essos. Built from the ashes of the ancient Ghiscari Empire, Slaver's Bay became a wealthy hub of the global slave trade. It flows into the Gulf of Grief.

The Ghiscari Empire fell over 5,000 years ago after warring with the city of Valyria, losing a series of five wars with Valyria before toppling. Despite its wealth and nearly invincible legions, Ghis could not stand against Valyria's ultimate weapon, dragons.

The surviving populations of the Empire rebuilt the area from the wreckage. Three major cities rose into prominence: Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen. These cities established themselves as a hub of the global slave trade and became extremely wealthy.

Featured In

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The Fighting Pits of Slaver's Bay

huge circular arenas in the slaving cities of Astapor, Yunkai, Meereen. They provide the cities citizens and visitors with entertainment. The ones in Meereen are the largest and most extravagant, with the main pit being Daznak's Pit. Within the pits, beasts are pitted against beasts, gladiators against gladiators and beasts against gladiators all for the entertainment of the onlookers.

a region of Essos located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Grief. Old Ghis is found within this region. Astapor and the Worm River are north of Ghiscar. South of Ghiscar are the Ghiscari Strait and some islands, including the large island Ghaen and a small island with the city of New Ghis.Ghiscar was once the foundation of the Ghiscari Empire, prior to its defeat by the Valyrian Freehold.
The Painted Mountains

a mountain range separating the Dothraki Sea from Slaver's Bay and the Sea of Sighs in western Essos. The Demon Road runs through the southern stretch of the mountains. West of the Painted Mountains are the Rhoyne River and its tributaries.
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The Slaver Cities

Astapor was famed as the only place in the world that the Unsullied Army can be purchased. These slave soldiers commanded a huge investment and earned the most profitable of returns for the city. The city itself was ancient and dilapidated, built from crumbling red bricks that are said to be colored by the slaves that died laying them. The city is dominated by massive stepped pyramids, some four hundred feet high, that line the waterfront of the bay. During the midday heat, the brick streets can become unbearably hot, making them largely deserted during the day. In the evenings, the slavers lit silk lanterns on every terrace and played soft music as they sailed on their pleasure barges.

The largest of the three slaver cities, Meereen has a population equaling Astapor and Yunkai combined. The city is constructed with similar architecture to its neighbors, but built in bricks of many different colors. Its landscape is dominated by a massive pyramid and a giant temple which is capped by a golden dome. Meereen is unique among the Ghiscari cities in that it is filled with many temples.

The smallest of the three cities, Yunkai was known for both its fighting pits and its pleasure houses, both of which turned out slaves at a brisk pace. The city is very similar to Astapor in architecture except for its smaller size and its use of yellow brick in its buildings instead of red.
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Bodies Of Water
The Skahazadhan

a major river of Essos. It begins in the southeastern Dothraki Sea and flows southwest through Meereen into Slaver's Bay. South of the river are Lhazar and the Red Waste. The Skahazadhan is a slow river with brown water.
The Worm River

a river in Essos. Its headwaters begin in the hills near Ghiscar and its mouth lies next to Astapor, where it flows into Slaver's Bay. It has many bends. At dusk Astapori pleasure barges sail up and down the river, playing soft music and calling at little islands for food, wine and other delights.
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The Coasts
The Black Cliffs

a series of cliffs that are situated on the northwest coast of Slaver's Bay, south of the Painted Mountains. They lie between Tolos and the ruined city of Bhorash, south of the Demon Road.
The Gulf of Grief

a large gulf that is fed by Slaver's Bay off the southern coast of the eastern continent and in turn empties into the Summer Sea even further to the south. Along its western shore are the remnants of Valyria and along its eastern shore is the ruined city of Old Ghis.
The Ghiscari Strait

a strait between the southern coast of the eastern continent in the Ghiscar region and the island of Ghaen. It flows from the Gulf of Grief into the Summer Sea.
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an island in the Gulf of Grief. It borders the Ghiscari Strait and lies off the southern coast of the eastern continent near the Ghiscar region. To the south of it lies a smaller island that New Ghis is located upon.
The Isle of Cedars

a large island that sits astride Slaver's Bay and the Gulf of Grief. The ruined cities of Ghozaiand Velos are located upon it. There is pale sand on the southern shore. There are no cedars on the island, as they were drowned by the Doom 400 years ago.

an island that is located within Slaver's Bay. To the northeast is Yunkai. To the south is Astapor.
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Demon Road

a Valyrian Road in the southern Painted Mountains. It runs from Volantis east through Mantarys and the ruins of Bhorash to Meereen. It is commonly known as the demon road because it is a dangerous route.
The Khyzai Pass

a mountain pass in the mountains bordering Slaver's Bay that allows travelers to travel between Meereen and Lhazar.
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New Ghis

a city on an island in the Gulf of Grief that borders on the Summer Sea. Its island lies to the south of Ghaen. The ruins of Old Ghis lie to the north past the Ghiscari Strait in Ghiscar.

a port city that lies on the northwest coast of Slaver's Bay. It is connected by Valyrian Roads to Mantarys and Bhorash. To the west lies the city of Elyria on its island. The Black Cliffs lie between it and Bhorash.
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a ruined city on the northern coast of Slaver's Bay. It lies south of the Painted Mountains and northeast of the Black Cliffs. Bhorash is connected by Valyrian Roads to Mantarys and Tolos.

a ruined city on the Isle of Cedars. It lies on the northern coast of the island, facing Slaver's Bay. It was a slaver port. The city was destroyed by a tsunami caused by the Doom.
Old Ghis

a ruined city in Essos. It is located in southwestern Ghiscar, east across the Gulf of Grief from the Valyrian Peninsula. As Ghis, it was the capital city of the ancient Ghiscari Empire.

a ruined city on the Isle of Cedars. It sits on the southern tip of the Isle of Cedars facing the Gulf of Grief. On the day of the Doom a wall of water 300 feet high descended on Velos, drowning hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children.

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