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Simon Groat

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Simon Groat
Simon Groat

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Simon Groat is your advisor regarding your Holding's finances. He is cynical, likes sardonic jokes and is inclined to accuse your other advisors and servants based on little to no evidence.

Alignment Cunning Icon
He will respond favourably when ever you chose to take action that favours Cunning.

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Detailed Character Info
Simon Groat
Simon Groat

This page contains detailed information about Simon Groat as obtained and inferred through quests. It is organized by volume, and the quest(s) where the information was obtained is linked. If the quest was fealty-specific, that is noted as well.

Feel free to add new information as you find it!

If you have not played through all of the volumes, this post will contain spoilers.


Prologue Icon Prologue Prologue Icon
  • Groat has no patience for generous men who never think of themselves. Meet the Bailiff

Volume I Icon Volume I Volume I Icon
  • If you have the whisperer background, Groat admits to have written letters for purposes of blackmail and is neither ashamed nor remorseful of it. Old Friends
  • He and Rona often trade barbs, some more serious than others. New Enemies
  • He does not believe whisperers should be trusted. New Enemies
  • Groat often makes jokes and barbs and feels he has a natural affinity for it. About a Bastard
  • It seems the more vicious your character is, the more Groat likes it. Scouring Stones
  • Groat had a mistress, Kyra, who was killed by a noble. He is in favor of concealing the noble's crime to maintain your holding's profitable relationship with him. Bitter Aftertaste
  • If you have the merchant or whisperer background, you come to Groat for help regarding the letter with the three red drops. A Crime of Perfidy
  • Groat seems to consider the end result more important to the means, as evidenced by his suggestion to use Maester Lucas as bait to draw out the individual attempting to steal your fealty book.
  • He believes in coincidence and luck, rather than divine intervention. Stark Irony
  • Groat is momentarily startled when he mistakenly believes you are dissatisfied with his stealthier plots. Unquenched

Volume II Icon Volume II Volume II Icon
No new information is obtained.

Volume III Icon Volume III Volume III Icon
  • Groat is pleased with himself when he tells you that he thinks Alvyn is plotting against you, as if he thrives on reporting another's wrongdoing. A Little Night Commerce
  • He is either very happy that you punish Alvyn for worshiping R'hllor or very upset if you show him mercy. Light in the Darkness

Volume You Icon Volume You Volume You Icon
  • Groat seems to be in charge of the hiring and commanding of rather unsavory individuals who deal in torture and butchery. The Elusive Murderer
  • He accuses Rona of framing him for treason because she has never liked him. Heads or Tails
  • He is from the Westerlands, natural with coin and very cunning, much like a Lannister. Hidden Fangs
  • Groat and Alvyn are both very successful tradesmen with very different temperaments. Hidden Fangs
  • He has been embezzling funds from your house. He has been diverting coin into his own pockets through secret taxes or smuggled goods. A Little Extra (Quest)
  • When confronted about his theft, he states he is a practical man, building his fortune while he can since he cannot rely on your house being around forever. He claims never to have stolen a coin from your counting house. The Confession
  • He would not be so kind if he was in your position; he would have beaten a confession out of someone like himself. The Confession If you choose to torture him, he approves of your decision. The Interrogation
  • If you choose to punish him by destroying his material possessions, he seems to take this worst of all. Sweet Revenge
  • He is not completely heartless; his conscience bothers him somewhat if you choose to only buy his freedom from the Norvoshi slave trader. Agony of Victory
  • He is amused when you ponder why your own flesh and blood would want you dead. Connecting the Dots
  • He is in favor of throwing caution to the wind and attacking Hawkhaven, even without proof. Hot Iron
  • He has been attempting to disconnect from his more unsavory connections. Ebb and Flow
  • He opposes executing Lord Regenard Turner, preferring to use him to spring any of the Silent Lady's traps. To Sacrifice a Pawn
  • He comes with you to Essos to find the Silent Lady because he doesn't trust Ser Hugo or Rona to collect all of the battle's spoils. Head of the House
  • He hopes to entice you into taking over the Silent Lady's slaving operations since it would be very profitable for your house. Many Branches, A Permanent Mark
  • After the battle with the Silent Lady, Groat is in favor of raising taxes to replenish your income; since you were protecting the smallfolk, they should share the burden of war. Wages of War
  • If you let Groat out of prison to serve at your side, he is grateful enough to serve you a luxurious feast. In Your Debt

Volume IV Icon Volume IV Volume IV Icon
No new information is obtained.

Forging Bonds Icon Forging Bonds Forging Bonds Icon
  • Groat does not think Jon would be a good heir; he is weak, can't make tough decisions, and has homosexual tendencies. A Difficult Choice
  • He speaks out against Jon becoming your heir if you follow the romance path with Eutimio. An Heir of His Own
  • He is the one who informs Ella (either inadvertently or not) that Jon is bedding Eutimio, if you followed the romance path. Still Looking
  • He does not support religious handouts or fighting in religious wars. Defend the Faith
  • Groat is adamant that you should punish Ella after she runs after Oskar. A Woman Grown
  • Groat does not believe you should name Ella your heir because it would be like rewarding her for running away, and she is still a child with delusions of grandeur. A Leader Born

Volume V Icon Volume V Volume V Icon
No new information is obtained.

Breaking Ties Icon Breaking Ties Breaking Ties Icon
  • Groat is gleeful if you decide to conquer more holdings. Advantage
  • Groat concedes that Jon makes a good castellan for your house. An Open Secret
  • Groat grew up as a street urchin. His family had no money and no house. When his parents weren't beating him, he slept in the gutter. Simon the Urchin
  • He apprenticed for a local merchant, making quills with feathers plucked from stray birds. Quills led to vellums, vellums led to numbers, and numbers led to counting. Quills and String

Quest Bonus Icon Other Quests Quest Bonus Icon
No new information is obtained.

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