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Shifting Alliances

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Shifting Alliances

When Lady Chernoff allies with House Oridane, you are thrown into war. But can you rescue the true Oridane heir and make allies of your enemies, or will they turn your own tricks against you?

Icon-quest-dark Goals

Icon-friendgift-dark Rewards

Choose one of 3

Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Precious Ore
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Dyed Textile
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Lead Precious Ore Dyed Textile

Quest Icon All Quests

Required Quests

These quests must be completed to progress to the next Chapter.

Quest Icon Can you find a single Westerosi boy in the middle of a Dothraki war?

Quest Icon Forging Bonds Icon Quest Icon

Loyalties - Forging Bonds - The Pale Stallion

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