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Ser Hugo Flint

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Ser Hugo Flint is one of the Major Characters that will join your household as an advisor. He pledged himself to your service for helping him avenge his wife, killed by the slavers. Ser Hugo starts as a Sworn Sword but becomes the Captain of the Guard for your House.

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During quests Ser Hugo's advice is normally associated with the Realm alignment.
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Detailed Character Info

Ser Hugo Flint
Ser Hugo Flint

This page contains detailed information about Ser Hugo Flint as obtained and inferred through quests. It is organized by volume, and the quest(s) where the information was obtained is linked. If the quest was fealty-specific, that is noted as well.

Feel free to add new information as you find it!

If you have not played through all of the volumes, this post will contain spoilers.


Prologue Icon Prologue Prologue Icon
  • Upon learning that your character has been tasked with ridding the lands of slavers, he approaches you, asking for an opportunity to fight against them. His wife died when they tried to kidnap her, and he is seeking revenge. In exchange, he agrees to be your sworn sword. A Widower's Oath
  • He is injured during the battle with the slavers. Since he had already sworn an oath, he suggests becoming your Captain of the Guard, and you accept. The Captain Arrives

Volume I Icon Volume I Volume I Icon
  • Martell Shield He met Jon Arryn once, after Robert became king. There was a certain kindness to him that prevented Hugo from hating him. Parley in the Kitchens
  • He and Rona are often at odds with their differing morals. New Enemies
  • Hugo believes it is disrespectful to oneself for a noble to ride unaccompanied. Open Book
  • Following his wife's death, he was a hard man; Rona describes him as a "violent, drunken lout." She believes her death broke him. However, he has found a new purpose in life - defending your house - until he joins her. A Man and His Honor
  • His mentor was Ser Medwyck Withell, whom he served under during Robert's Rebellion. Father Figure
  • He has tried many times in his life to escape learning a lesson, and he's found that it's not possible. A Certain Obscurity
  • He is not ashamed when asked if men breed recklessly during battle; battle works up a thirst. Baratheon Bastards
  • If you have the hedge knight or former mercenary background, you come to Hugo for help regarding the letter with the three red drops. A Crime of War
  • Ser Medwyck's deception was a hard blow. Hugo is found in the inn afterward, drunk and sobbing. Cold As Flint
  • He has a deep respect for you if you decide to personally execute your enemies. Fate of Traitors
  • Tyrell Shield He supports Lord Renly over Lord Stannis. No one is likely to dislike Renly enough to overthrow him, and his lack of martial skill is of no concern because that's what men like him are for. Man or Lobster?
  • He says he is a simple man who is in favor of any plan with blood at the end of it. Compass

Volume II Icon Volume II Volume II Icon
  • He believes few situations can be resolved peacefully without soldiers and weapons. Armed for Peace
  • He is well-respected and known in King's Landing, and he believes he can gain the king's trust. He volunteers to go to King's Landing for you, and Rona agrees that he is the best choice. A Man in King's Landing
  • Tully Shield Ser Brynden Tully sends him to keep an eye on the Lannisters, and your character agrees to the position, as long as Hugo shares the information he learns. A Man in King's Landing/Tully

Volume III Icon Volume III Volume III Icon
  • In the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Hugo awakens in King's Landing after being knocked out by either a Baratheon soldier with a shovel Battle Scars, a Baratheon soldier's shield Green on the Bough, or the shield of a Tyrell soldier who mistakenly thought he was fighting with the Baratheons (although he actually was, this becomes Hugo's cover story) A Gold Cloak Again.
  • Like Podrick Payne, Hugo is able to spend a night in the brothel and return with all his coin. Podrick's Prowess
  • Baelish tells him that he's "not a very subtle bird" when Varys orders Hugo to spy on him. Clipping the Wings

Volume You Icon Volume You Volume You Icon
  • Shortly before King Robert asked you to drive out the slavers, his wife was killed by them. Her name was Erena, and they had been married less than a year. She was on her way to meet Hugo in King's Landing when her body and carriage were found on the border of your region. The Knight's Wife
  • He is in favor of executing Lord Regenard Turner prior to attacking the Silent Lady. To Sacrifice a Pawn
  • He will speak up if he feels you are being disrespectful. Doubled Grief
  • He doesn't trust the Ironborn. Heave Ho
  • He hesitates to question your actions, but he is quite upset if you choose to take over the Silent Lady's slaving operation, in light of his wife's death. The Right Questions
  • He misses your region and seems hesitant to return to King's Landing. The Voyage Home

Volume IV Icon Volume IV Volume IV Icon
  • Hugo asks permission to be Tyrion Lannister's champion in a trial by combat; he thinks Tyrion is innocent and considers him to be a friend. An Innocent Man

Forging Bonds Icon Forging Bonds Forging Bonds Icon
  • Jon believes Hugo does not find steadiness to be an encouraging trait. Jon (Vol FB)

Volume V Icon Volume V Volume V Icon

Breaking Ties Icon Breaking Ties Breaking Ties Icon
Ser Hugo Flint is not featured in this volume.

Quest Bonus Icon Other Quests Quest Bonus Icon
  • According to Rona, he has been intimate with the captain of one of your trade ships. The Wayward Captain
  • Stark Shield He thinks men who desert the Wall are cowards. Faded Honor

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