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Ser Barristan's Sword
Ser Barristan's White Cloak
Barristan Selmy's Steed
Ser Barristan Deal
Discounted 25% from full price of 89!
I've burned away my years fighting for terrible kings...a man of honor keeps his vows - even if he's serving a drunk or a lunatic. Just once in my life, before it's over, I want to know what it's like to serve with pride, to fight for someone I believe in

Join Ser Barristan Selmy at Daenerys's side with a random peerless weapon or unit, and a random peerless armor.

NOTE: This deal will not give you all items pictured; it will only give you ONE item from each cluster.
ie. One Peerless Weapon or Unit from those pictured below, and one Peerless Armor from those pictured below.

  • This Deal was featured in the Shop on December 1, 2014 for 66 Gold Icon


Ser Barristan Weapon or Unit Combo
Achievement Frame 1

Random Peerless Weapon or Unit

Ser Barristan Armor Combo
Achievement Frame 1

Random Peerless Armor