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One of the three types of Intrigue specialisations and the favored Action of House Martell

The sabotage strength of your Sworn Swords performing Sabotage Actions equal your Player Character's Sabotage Stat (including Buildings and Equipment) and their own training and Equipment. Any percentile bonuses (e.g., from Talents) for attacks or defense are then applied on the total score.

Sabotage in Adventures and Quests

Sabotage is always an option in Adventures and often one in Quests.

Sabotage in Player to Player

main article: Player to Player Actions

Sabotage is a hostile Action. Sabotage Actions in PtP will harm and apply a Fault on the defending player if successful. On failure, the attacking Sworn Sword is likely to get injured.

Due to the fact that Faults are only temporary and minor penalties and there is no gain for the attacker, Sabotage is considered as the least useful hostile PtP Action. 

Sabotage in Alliance vs Alliance

main article: Alliance Vs Alliance Actions

A successful Sabotage Action in Alliance Vs Alliance (AvA) damages the defending camp by 1% and hurts defending Sworn Swords.

Buildings and Upgrades

Should you wish to play a character that specialises in Sabotage, the following Buildings and Building Upgrades may be of interest to you.


Workshop Scriptorium Upgrade
Scriptorium: increased chance of improved results when producing Sabotage Weapons, Armor and Units
Workshop Sturdy Doors Upgrade
Sturdy Door spend less Silver Icon to produce Sabotage weapons
Workshop Implement Shed Upgrade
Implement Shed: faster production of Sabotage weapons, armor and units.
Workshop Laboratory Upgrade
Laboratory: Sabotage attacks have a chance of applying a second fault


Watchtower Archery Platforms Upgrade
Archery Platform: increased power to Sabotage when attacking or defending

Sabotage Troops and Items

Weapons that give a bonus to Intrigue or Sabotage:

Weapons Armour Units Companions Boons

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