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World Battle Preparations
STARK WOLVES for new or elder players who are active and fun...!!!
Stark Banner
We are an active AvA alliance and fly the Stark Banner as we are friends to northern allainces but that is not one of the requirements as many players have made a choice to have their character belong to other fealties for specific power benefits.

We are active,fun,and always looking to add to our alliance numbers. 


  • We are Loyal and Fun, and will help with your game play.
  • We are active with plans of becoming a top alliance.
  • We have players online 24hrs a day.


  • Ask questions.
  • Get involved.
  • Become a powerful player.


Leader: Tansy Rowan


  • Natsu Notte
  • Druss Vahalla
  • Adrienne Harlaw
  • Hans Strongarm
  • Polliver Karstark
  • Terrell Patgarion
  • Scott Miller
  • Wynaford Byrch

How to Join

No restrictions other than being loyal to one alliance, STARK WOLVES, and showing the sigil of the month on the player banner for monthly activity checks.

To join our Alliance, click on the relevant link:

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