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Rotten Apple

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Rotten Apple is a City Quest that is part of the Fair Trade storyline.

World Hooded Prisoner


Rotten Apple

Alvyn paces shakily. "M-my [lady/lord], the false weight scandal that nearly tore the hold asunder... I found the true culprit. Elyas of Oldtown. My son."



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"You have a child, Alvyn?"

Alvyn stops pacing. "He's a grown man, a criminal who deserves no leniency on my account. Please permit him a public trial, despite the disgrace."

"Elyas will receive a public trial. I'll delay judgment until your son stands before me."

"Can you believe this, Groat? Alvyn has a child, and a criminal, no less."

"What a shame," Groat says. "No doubt little Elyas failed to satisfy the idealism of his father, Good Alvyn. Thus, he pursued a more practical path."

"You son has made many enemies, Alvyn. He will be tried in the privacy of my court."

"Why would your son commit such a crime, Alvyn?"

"Alvyn stops pacing. "Elyas is a disgrace, driven by vice and his mother's extravagances. He must be tried before the public if he's to truly repent."

"We will capture your son and make an example of him where everyone can see."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful Icon Alignment Cunning Icon Alignment None Icon Alvyn clasps his hands together in gratitude. "Thank you, my [lady/lord]. Ser Hugo, come with me. I will direct your guards to my son's residence."

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