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World Riverrun

Riverrun is the ancestral castle of House Tully, held by them for over a thousand years. It is situated in the Riverlands, at the point where the Tumblestone and Red Fork rivers meet.

Featured InEdit

Volume I Icon The Siege of Riverrun
Volume I Icon The Fire in the North
Volume III Icon Music on the River
Volume III Icon The Trout in the Tower


Red Fork

most southern of the arms forming the river Trident, located in the Riverlands.
The Tumblestone

a river that flows into the Trident in the Riverlands. It is a swift river. The Tumblestone is much deeper than the Red Fork. The nearest ford is miles upriver from Riverrun.
The Water Gate

a wide arch with a heavy iron portcullis. It is red with rust in its lower half. It is named so for being half in the water and one must use a boat to go through it. Many boats are tied up within the 'Water Gate', secured to iron rings in the walls and the 'water stairs' leads from the lower bailey up to the Castle.
The Wheel Tower

a tower with a great waterwheel within it, which is turned by the Tumblestone whose waters go through it. It has Ivy climbs alongside it, below it one makes a wide turn and ends up in churning waters. Eventually one can reach the Water Gate.

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