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Red Above

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Red Above is a City Quest that is part of the Into Fire storyline.

World Village Center


Red Above

"Have y'seen this new comet, my [lady/lord]? It burns red to every eye. Everyone speaks of it, but there are as many stories as tongues. What can it mean?"



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"Things in the sky always come tied to tales. Maester Lucas, can you shed more light?"

"They're oft tied to great changes, my [lady/lord], but I'd suggest it's the changes that make the comets stay in the histories, not the other way around."

"Let people believe as they will. we know this comet is no omen, only a light in the sky."

"What do you think, Alvyn? Is there portent in this slash of red?"

"A good omen, my [lady/lord]. Time will t-tell, as it does, but I'm hopeful it is Targaryen red, for the blood that will reclaim the Iron Throne."

"We will rejoice, quietly for now, as the comet tells us of better times to come."

"The common folk grow overly excited as rumors swirl. Groat, how might we prevent this?"

"There'll be no stopping tongues from wagging, my [lady/lord]. I think, however, that we can get them to wag their tongues in the right direction."

"Control of rumors is more important then truth or meaning. Groat, spread your lies."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment None Icon Maester Lucas nods primly. "The comet might illuminate the return of Targaryen power if it won't bring that return about. Such things are left to people."
Alignment Truthful Icon Alvyn says, "As you s-say, my [lady/lord]. It bodes well for Princess Daenerys."
Alignment Cunning Icon Groat makes a sour face. "Not lies, my [lady/lord], not without a truth to compare with. Merely... stories, simple and told well so as better to spread."

Quest Sworn Sword Icon Volume I Icon Quest Sworn Sword Icon

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