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Rashers of Bacon

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Hand Icon Lg
Body Icon
Companion Icon
Seal Icon
Tactics Icon Dark
Boons Icon Lg
Food Icon Lg
Resource Icon
Shop Icon Silver Dark
Item Card

Rashers of Bacon

Item Border Silver

Common Gem

Battle Icon 2 0
Trade Icon 2 0
Intrigue Icon 2 0
Food Icon Food


Speeds Sworn Sword Adventures and Quests by 15 minutes, Persists through Reincarnation
There no such thing as too much bacon


This item can be acquired in the following ways:

Used to Craft

Random Uncommon Resource
Silver Icon 50
Time Icon 4h
Uncommon Boon
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Building Icon Alchemists' Guild
Upgrade Icon Wisdom
Gain one random Uncommon Resource or Black Ash
Required Resources
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Rashers of Bacon
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
1 Wildfire 1 Rashers of Bacon 5 Fish

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