Quest City - All Three

Quests are where you will get to discover the stories within the game in a manner similar to an Adventure Gamebook (the most well known adventure gamebook being the Choose Your Own Adventure books).

Some Quests will be completed in your own lands, and others may be completed in other places around Westeros, such as the Wall, Kingslanding, or your Fealty's Stronghold.

Quest Bonus - All Three
The choices you make during Quests may affect your Alignment, and they will also affect which Quests come up for you next. Sometimes the choice you decide to make will be easy, sometimes they will be less so, and sometimes you may decide that the choice you wish to take goes against you Alignment, but you feel that it is the best decision to make given the circumstances. This is the heart of the fun of this game.

A lot of the enjoyment people will get from this game is in completing these Quests, based on the story rather than
the 'optimum result'.

Please do not spoil other people's fun by listing spoilers about the story in Quest pages

If you are looking for a specific Quest, use the Search bar. 

Alternatively you may wish to look at the List of Quests page to view them listed by which Volume they appear in.

Quest Log

Your Quest Log is the box to the left of the screen where your Quests will appear. Only three quests will be visable at one time. Scroll through your list withUp and Down.

  • Quests that you are yet to view will appear in green
  • Quests that you have viewed but are yet to make a decision on and/or complete will appear in brown
  • Quests that have been completed by your Sworn Swords will appear in yellow. 

How to Avoid Spoilers for the HBO Game of Thrones TV Series

Spoiler Alert
There are three volumes of Quests in your Quest Log, each with ten Chapters. Each volume corresponds to a Season in the HBO Game of Thrones television show and each Chapter corresponds to an episode in that season.

If you don't want spoilers for episodes you are yet to see, you are strongly advised to not complete the Quests for a Chapter and/or Volume for an episode and/or Season that you are yet to view.

Types of Quests

There are several different types of Quests, each of which can be identified by their accompanying icon...

Quest City Icon
City Quests
Quest Sworn Sword Icon
Sworn Sword Quests
Quest Bonus Icon
Bonus Quests
Quest Rebirth
Cycle of Rebirth Quest
Quest Boss Icon
Boss Challenges
Alliance Icon Silver Dark
Alliance Challenges
Quest Perform Icon
Performance Quests
Quest Perform Icon
World Event Quests

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