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Gaining Seals through Player to Player ActionsEdit

Seals can be gained by winning a Player to Player (PtP) Action against someone in the same PtP Class as you. The win can be by initiating the action against someone else, or defending against someone else's actions towards you. The victor of the PtP has the chance to gain the seals, regardless of whether they were the attacker or the defender.

The types of Seals you are most likely to win will be similar to the type of action that you made.

For example, if you are bartering against others, or defending against other sending Barter Actions at you, you have a greater chance to acquire Barter or Trade seals, but you a could gain a Battle or Intrigue Seal as well.

In order to have a chance to gain a seal (it's not a guarantee), your target (against whom you are attacking or defending against) needs to have reached a minimum level as shown below:

Your Level Target's min. Level
1-149 Your Level -5
150-249 145+
250+ 200+

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