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The permanent attribute allows you to retain various items and benefits through the process of Reincarnation. Permanent items cannot be sold or, except for specific evolution items, cannot be crafted with. Some items are already permanent when you acquire them, others must be made permanent by spending gold. Permanency applies to:

Consumables and Peerless Gems (Black, Blue, and Red) persist through reincarnation, but are not permanent. They will stay with you through Reincarnations until you use them for crafting, construction or quest/adventures.  The same applies to Keepsakes.

Identifying Permanent Items

Items that are permanent have a gold seal bar and, when the card is flipped, the text Permanent on the bar. Purchased permanent items will include the word "permanent" in the descriptive text; making an item permanent through one of the two methods below will not add this text to the item card. Items that persist through reincarnation cannot be sealed and do not have this bar, instead they include the text "persist through reincarnation" on the card.

Sealbar-silver Sealbar-gold
Non-permanent item or Sworn Sword. Permanent item or Sworn Sword.

What Can be Made Permanent

Hand Items, Body Items, and Units purchased for gold will be permanent. If purchased for silver or crafted in a building, items can be made permanent by renaming that item or unlocking at least one seal slot. Placing a seal in the first seal slot does not make the item permanent, even if the seal was purchased for gold.

Sworn Swords purchased for gold will be permanent. If purchased for silver, a Sworn Sword can be made permanent by unlocking at least one seal slot. Sworn Swords cannot be renamed. When reincarnating, an items equipped to a Sworn Sword are removed, and will not survive the process unless they have separately been made permanent.

Seals cannot be made permanent on their own. When attached to your character, a permanent item, or permanent Sworn Sword, that seal will remain in that seal slot through reincarnation.

Talents can be made permanent through Reincarnation.


Renaming an item costs 2 Gold Icon and cannot be used on Sworn Swords.
  • Find the item in your inventory
  • Flip the card over to view the back
  • Click the Rename button
  • Enter the desired name in the text box

Renamed items are subject to a character limit and word filter requirements. This may prevent you from renaming an enhanced item to the same name. Items will lose their name if evolved into a new item through crafts, but remain permanent.

Unlocking a seal slot costs 3 Gold Icon or more, and can be used on all items and Sworn Swords.

  • Find the item in your inventory, or the Sworn Sword in your Keep
  • Flip the card over to view the back
  • Click on any Unlock button

Crafting with Permanent Items

Typically, permanent items cannot be used in crafting. However, specific items can still be evolved despite being made permanent. Unlocked seal slots and attached seals carry through the crafting process, and the new item will also be permanent, but it will lose any name changes made by renaming the item.

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