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On Ravens' Wings

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On Ravens' Wings is a Sworn Sword Quest that is part of the Stag and Lion storyline.

World Lonely Tower

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On Ravens' Wings

"Release the raven," Kirth says. "It bears news of Joffrey's parentage for my cousin." The maester lets the raven fly, but the bird is shot down!


Ask about what happened.

"Few marksmen shoot true enough to strike my ravens mid-flight," Maester Artos bitterly muses. "Someone must be dead set on silencing your message."

Devise a way to expose the royal secret and inform your family of Joffrey's true lineage.


This note contains information vital to the safety of Westeros. Ensure its safe delivery.

All Alignment Quests

Whichever option you select, the following Sworn Sword Quest will activate:

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Somebody doesn't want you sending that message. The skies won't be safe for your ravens until this threat is dealt with.



Fight [Your Sworn Sword] rode beyond the walls of King's Landing and killed the marksman. The next raven safely delivered Kirth's message home.
Sabotage [Your Sworn Sword] sent dozens of ravens into the sky with Kirth's message. The marksman failed to kill them all, and Kirth's message arrived safely at home.
Bribe [Your Sworn Sword] paid sellswords to assault the marksman. While he ran for his life, the next raven safely delivered Kirth's message home.
Spy [Your Sworn Sword] sacrificed several ravens to locate the marksman. While your sworn sword pursued him, the next raven safely delivered Kirth's message.
Swindle Kirth sent out another decoy raven. While the marksman was distracted, [Your Sworn Sword] rode through the night to deliver the message to your holdings.
Harass [Your Sworn Sword] accused the marksman of plotting to kill the king. While the City Watch pursued him, the next raven safely delivered Kirth's message.


[Your Sworn Sword] did not move fast enough, and the man who struck down Kirth's raven remains at large. Every new raven falls from the sky. [+ Wound - Must Retry]

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