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Ocean Road

The Ocean Road, also known as the Searoad, is a road in southern Westeros that runs from Lannisport in the Westerlands to Highgarden in the Reach. Most of its course is along the coast of the Sunset Sea.

Adventures on the Ocean RoadEdit

Volume I Icon Tax the Smallfolk
Volume I Icon Resolve Knight Vendettas
Volume II Icon Stop Brotherhood Raiders
Volume III Icon Reinforce Watchpoints (Night)
Volume IV Icon Escort Royal Witness
Volume IV Icon Duel Troublesome Knight



a walled city along the coast of the Westerlands where the River Road, Gold Road, and the Ocean Road meet, just to the west lies Casterly Rock. It is one of the major ports of the Seven Kingdoms and the largest city in the Westerlands. House Lannister anchors its fleet in its harbor. The city is renowned for its goldwork.

a stronghold located on the Ocean Road.

the seat of House Tyrell, regional capital of the Reach. It lies on the Mander and there the Ocean Road meets the Roseroad, making it an important crossroads.
Old Oak

a stronghold in the western Reach located close to the Ocean Road.

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