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About Edit

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The Northern Lands alliance fealty is to the Stark family. Like the Starks we are honorable, honest, and loyal to our friends. As a peaceful alliance we are very active and want to reach the top ten eventually but we make a point to do so without destroying everyone in our path. While we don’t go looking for trouble, if provoked, we have been known to lash out fiercely.

Origins of our MottoEdit

From George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons, “A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.


As of November 13, 2014
Members: 1100+
Power: 71,740
Rank: 147

Alliance Face book Page
Embassy Facebook Page


Be Active & Participate
Be Respectful


Leader/Founder: Lady Cynth Wylde
Officer : TBD Crownland
Officer : Lord J Mark Lionsbane of the Stormland
Officer : TBD North
Officer : TBD Riverland
Officer : Lady Rosey Noye of the Iron Islands
Officer : TBD Dorne
Officer : TBD Reach
Officer : Lady Zazil Ek Balam of the


Boot Camp for Newbies Officer : Lady Rosey Noye Boot Camp FB
Reincarnation Devotional Officer : Lady Serra Reynes
War Academy Officer : TBD

How to JoinEdit

We are an open alliance that welcomes new and experienced players to our alliance. We do expect all members to participate in our alliance by backing up fellow members, garrisoning sworn swords to camps, providing items for challenges and camps, and/or participating in a focused team. You will have an AvA cycle to find your feet: participation is mandatory after the grace period. Ask to be assigned to a camp -- plus, contact your camp leader at least 3X a week. If a hiatus is needed, a raven is expected.

To join our Alliance, click on the relevant link:

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