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No Truth

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No Truth is a City Quest that is part of the Fire in the Blood storyline.

World Essos


No Truth

"The death of Khal Drogo at the hands of Princess Daenerys... I hesitate to say, my [lady/lord], but I wonder if this is the hand of Lord Varys at work?"



Silver Icon +100-250

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"Lord Varys. The whisperer so secure that he can be known to all as a whisperer."

"My [lady/lord], it is understood by many that Varys was ever loyal to the Targaryens. I wonder if this could be his work, somehow."

"Make sure Varys knows we're no threat. My children are closer than any Khal."

"Perhaps we should reach out to Lord Varys. Make ourselves known."

"Varys is said to be loyal first, sensible second, and nothing last- but informed loyalty would be better than blind. It... seems unlikely to hurt."

"Then let's stick a message to the Spider's web and see what happens."

"Surely one Spider cannot have webs in every corner."

"Perhaps Lord Varys keeps to an oath like a maester's. We are assigned to a seat, a castle, a part of the realm- meaning no offense, my [lady/lord]."

"We need not involve Lord Varys in my business- or me in his. Let's not disturb his work."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Family Icon Rona frowns. "Yes, much closer, my [lady/lord]. While we are within the Spider's reach, better for Jayne and the children that he know we are not his enemy."
Alignment None Icon Rona Grey simply says, "Yes." She stares at her hands. "The Spider plays the game of thrones as no other. I hope this is not a mistake."
Alignment Realm Icon Maester Lucas nods, watching your face. "I did not mean to imply anything, my [lady/lord]. You know it is the way of my order."

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