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This Alliance was created so that a group of friends could support one another and enjoy playing the game together. We are a small, but fierce Alliance that has proven its ability to go head to head with larger Alliances in AvA.



Membership is currently by invitation only. Membership is offered to people that are friends of existing members. Get to know one of the current members so that they can know that you're not only a nice person that likes to help other people, but that you're also not a crazy phycho and you'll probably be invited to join. There are currently members from Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, and the USA.


The Alliance was created by Razorgirl in May 2013.


Officers are people that have demonstated an ability and willingness to help coordinate matters relating to the Alliance, but all members (including the Leader) are considered equal. Elizabeth Stark is an Officer that is also a contributor of this Wiki Community.


  • Meet and get to game with good natured people
  • Belong to an Alliance where friendship and being a decent person is more important than the game
  • Know that you will have the same opportunities as every other member
  • Mild roleplaying at times when the mood takes us
  • Engage in playful banter with other members
  • Gain more Allies in the game to exchange Daily Gifts
  • Get to participate in other Member's Boss Challenges (and get the Rewards for doing so)
  • Get assistance with your Boss Challenges so that you can burn through Reincarnation faster


  • Share any info about the game (or the TV series) that you come across with the group
  • Don't take the game too seriously (this is a facebook game after all)
  • Stay in touch via the Alliance's Facebook Group
  • Share you Thorium ID so that other members can add you in the game
  • Pay attention to the Spoilers Poll, and don't post spoilers for episodes if other members haven't seen the most recent episode yet
  • Don't post spoilers from the books if it hasn't been in the TV series yet
  • Be an adult, and if you screw up own up to it and take responsibility for it. You won't get crusified for making a mistake, and you may earn some respect for owning up to it and offering to make amends
  • Don't be a jerk

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