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Eastern Waters
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Red Mountains
Merchant Marine
Ocean Road
Torrhen's Square

World Essos City

Myr is a coastal city renowned for their master glasscrafters, intricate lace, and fine carpets. The dark eyed and dark skinned Myrmen are similar to Norvosi and Pentoshi in that they are ruled by magisters that are known to pay tribute to passing Dothraki khalasars. Myr is a hub of trade in both slaves and their signature green nectar wines. Myr frequently fights over control of the Disputed Lands.

Featured InEdit

Volume II Icon Protect the Wine Harvest (Night)
Volume II Icon Escort the Merchant Ships


The Sea of Myrth

a large sea that is situated along the western coast of Essos. To the north lies the Flatlands, the south the Disputed Lands and to the west, the Narrow Sea. Myr sits along its eastern shore.

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