local image = {
 ["weapons"]      = "Hand_Icon.png",
 ["armor"]        = "Body_Icon.png",
 ["units"]        = "Companion_Icon.png",
 ["companions"]   = "Companion_Icon.png",
 ["troops"]       = "Companion_Icon.png",
 ["seals"]        = "Seal_Icon.png",
 ["resources"]    = "Resource_Icon.png",
 ["boons"]        = "Boons_Icon_Lg.png",
 ["food"]         = "Food_Icon.png",
 ["drinks"]       = "Drink_Icon.png",
 ["herbs"]        = "Herb_Icon.png",
 ["medicines"]    = "Medicine_Icon.png",
 ["consumables"]  = "Provisions.png",
 ["sworn swords"] = "Swornsword_Icon.png",
 ["titles"]       = "Icon-crown-light.png",
 ["tactics"]      = "Tactics_Icon.png",
 ["alliance tactics"] = "Tactics_Icon.png",
 ["player tactics"]   = "Tactics_Icon.png",
 ["chests"]       = "Push_Collect.png"
return image

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