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Missing Sisters

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Missing Sisters is a Sworn Sword Quest that is part of the Lady of the Cloth storyline.

World After the Battle

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Missing Sisters

"Oh, my [lord/lady]. You must help us! A small travelling group of the Silent Sisters - septas who prepare the dead for internment - have gone missing!"


"Tell me more of these Silent Sisters."

"They are called the Grey Sisters, taking vows of silence and wearing grey. They spare families the duty of preparing the dead for burial."

"These septas are servants of the Seven, and I'll not let harm come to them on my lands."

"Why were they in this area?"

"The Silent Sisters often travel in small groups, going from town to town offering their services. [Your Hold] was on their route through here."

"I am the [lord/lady] of [Your Hold], and it is my duty to see to their safety."

"How long have they been missing?"

"They were expected two days ago, but have not been seen! Oh, we are so very worried for them, my [lord/lady]."

"The work these Sisters do is good. All the Houses benefit from them. I'll find them."

All Alignment Quests

Whichever alignment you select, the following Sworn Sword Quest will activate:

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Item Card

Spy Character Card

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Common Gem

Battle Icon 2 5
Trade Icon 2 5
Intrigue Icon 2 5


Lands held by [Your House], containing all sort of hidden areas in which missing Silent Sisters can be found.



Harass Aid Spy Though it takes many hours of searching, your troops flush out the bandits who've taken the Sisters, hoping to hold them for ransom.

Sabotage The bandits who've taken the Sisters fall into your trap, on their way to make a ransom demand of a nearby Sept. You give them a ransom of steel instead.

Barter Bribe The news leads to the bandit camp, where you find the rogues are planning on ransoming the Sisters to a nearby Sept. You give them a ransom of steel instead.


Though you eventually find the camp of the bandits who took them, the criminals are gone. The Sisters' remains are there, cold and despoiled before death. [+1 Wound; No Retry]

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- Lady of the Cloth - IV - An Outraged Septa
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