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MiZFiT MaFia

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World Dragon Attack
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Valyrian Mafia

                                                            Nullem timorem, nullum misericordia


  • Learn and grow as player.
  • All member get a turn at top prizes in alliance challenges.
  • A fun and friendly enviroment.
  • Pratcipate in AVA earning seals you would not playing on your own.
  • Leadership and vets are around to answer questions most antime of the day.
  • Members are never ignored as in some of the larger alliances.
  • We have a FB page full of tips and stratgy, posting quest and more.
  • Fb chat for members to get quick answers or just shoot the breeze.
  • Many Allies to help us in AVA


  • Need to be willing to learn.
  • No bullies,sexiest,raceist, or other similar behavior.
  • Willing to help alliance in AVA (we understand new or freshly RI ppl can't help as much)
  • Have fun


Leader:Don Corleone


  • Andohr Esahc

How to Join

To join our Alliance, click on the relevant link: