Main Screen is the first screen (page), when you join the game.

GoTA Screen 1

You can inform everything about the menu in this page. In main screen you can learn yourself, your lordship and your status. And there is a menu in bottom of screen. In menu, you can select a lot of things.

Top of ScreenEdit

In the top of screen;

Left: Character Name, Character Status

Middle: GoT:A logo, your banner and your lord's banner, your level, your silvers and your golds.

Right: Your power and sound.

Middle of ScreenEdit

In the middle of screen;

Left: Your volume, your chapter, your missions and your chapter guide.

Middle: Your castle/city/town (what do you want to say) map.

Right: Your sworn swords, adding a sworn sword.

Bottom of ScreenEdit

In the bottom of screen;

Left, middle and right: Your menu, Buildings, Friends, Shop, Character, Power, Messages, Alliance and Daily News in your menu.