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Lord Roxton, Considered

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Lord Roxton, Considered is a City Quest that is part of the Fate, Sealed - Roxton storyline.

World Village Center


Lord Roxton, Considered

After Ser Hugo escorts Lord Roxton out, he returns with Lady Buckwell. "I had to visit!" She smiles brightly. "I hear things are quite lively!"



Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"Do you have an opinion on Lord Roxton's claims, Lady Buckwell?"

Lady Buckwell seems to know exactly what you're talking about. "I know this; if anyone knows about the murder of your spouse, Lord Roxton would!"

"If Roxton has the answers about my spouse, as Lady Buckwell says, then I want them."

"Ser Hugo. Tell me what you think should be done with Lord Roxton."

The captain shrugs. "He's dangerous to everyone. If you don't turn him over to [Your Fealty], then at least cut off the head of the damned snake."

"Ser Hugo's right. Lord Roxton is too much of a threat. I must consider that."

"Rona, has our house any benefit in mercy to Roxton?"

"Information is a map, my [lady/lord]. Roxton offers you details that may be crucial to you someday. To protecting this house."

"Rona's right that things we don't know become a direct threat to this household."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful Icon Lady Buckwell glances at those of your house, assembled. "The truth is... sometimes difficult. But if you want it, still worth having."
Alignment Realm Icon "Have done with him, my [lady/lord]." Hugo is emphatic. "He's done too much harm already."
Alignment Family Icon Rona nods. "Roxton isn't to be trusted, but what he knows is critical to this family. You must find out if it's true that Harlton killed your spouse."

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Previous Quest Storyline
Demanding Answers - Fate, Sealed - Roxton - II
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