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Lord Brus Roxton

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Lord Brus Roxton
Lord Brus Roxton

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Lord Brus Roxton is the head of House Roxton of the Ring.On the game is revealed that he has a personal grudge against Your Character which varies depending on your background.

He kidnaps Jayne and demands a night ransom for her, luckily Rona rescue her with no further problems. Lord Roxton makes an attack on your holding with a massive force which could only be defeated with the Pact With the Three.

But Lord Roxton wasn't defeated and managed to turn your allies against you, using the fear that gave them the relics about Your Fealty.Lady Elyana Buckwell seems to be connected with Roxton.

Lord Roxton will try to put you against Lord Harlton,if you decide to speak with Derryk he reveals that Lord Brus kidnapped him but treated him kindly.

The end of Lord Roxton varies depending on your choices but he ends dying.After his death House Roxton's head is Landon Roxton, a distant relative.

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