A list of all Quests, grouped under their respective Volumes in the Story.

Shields indicate that the storyline is available only to those players who have sworn Fealty to that particular House

The Quests page has an alphabetical listing of all Quests.

Prologue Icon Prologue Edit

By Command of the KingEdit

A New Noble in WesterosEdit

Strength of SteelEdit

A Noble of the RealmEdit

Note: The title for this part of the Prologue will display differently depending on your Fealty and Background selections.

Leadership Begins at HomeEdit

Volume I Icon Volume IEdit

A Firm Grip is RecommendedEdit

They Will Never Suspect a BardEdit

Indecision Breeds EnemiesEdit

To the Victor Go the SpoilsEdit

Traitors All AroundEdit

A Righteous PunishmentEdit

A Lesson Harshly LearnedEdit

Blades in the ShadowsEdit

The True ThreatEdit

Long Live the KingEdit

Long Live the KingEdit

Volume II Icon Volume IIEdit

Things Worse Than DeathEdit

Crows and KrakenEdit

What is Dead May Never DieEdit

A Debt Long OwedEdit

An Eastern VoiceEdit

Summer's CrueltyEdit

Journey to QarthEdit

Who Watches the Watchers?Edit

A Knight Returns HomeEdit

Of Blood and MarriageEdit

The Bite of HungerEdit

Two Kings, One CityEdit

Volume III Icon Volume IIIEdit

Valar DohaerisEdit

Dark Wings, Dark WordsEdit

Walk of PunishmentEdit

And Now His Watch is EndedEdit

Kissed by FireEdit

The ClimbEdit

The Bear and the Maiden FairEdit

Second SonsEdit

The Rains of CastamereEdit


Volume You Icon Volume YouEdit

The Minstrel's DirgeEdit

Tensions at HawkhavenEdit

Unpleasant MemoriesEdit

The Bailiff's FollyEdit

But a GlimpseEdit

Blood in the WaterEdit

No Honor in ChainsEdit

Secrets and SwordsEdit

A Red DawnEdit

Deadly SweetEdit

Cut to the QuickEdit

Wings of FuryEdit

On the EveEdit

The Things We LoveEdit

The Fall of House TurnerEdit

Eastern PursuitEdit

By the SwordEdit

The Slaver's LegacyEdit

Your House ReflectsEdit

Eyes to the WestEdit

Volume IV Icon Volume IVEdit

Two SwordsEdit

The Lion and the RoseEdit

Breaker of ChainsEdit


The First of His NameEdit

The Laws of Gods and MenEdit


The Mountain and the ViperEdit

The Watchers on the WallEdit

The ChildrenEdit

Forging Bonds Icon Forging BondsEdit

A Rival ClaimEdit

An Acceptable HeirEdit

A Difficult PositionEdit



“Inside Help”Edit

Playing the Long GameEdit


Partners in CrimeEdit

The Iron Bank Will Have Its DueEdit

Nursing a SerpentEdit

A Fool's ErrandEdit


Shifting AlliancesEdit

The Pale StallionEdit

A Clash of KhalsEdit

False GodsEdit

A Test of FaithEdit

Divine RightEdit

Fire and BrimstoneEdit


Gift of the MaegiEdit

Forever LostEdit

Steal MeEdit

All I Have LeftEdit

Blood TiesEdit

Chosen HeirEdit

The Wider WorldEdit

Alliance Challenge Icon Alliance ChallengesEdit

Quest Bonus Icon Bonus QuestsEdit