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Lions Lost

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Lions Lost is a City Quest that is part of the River Runs Red storyline.

World Riverrun


Lions Lost

"Minstrel," Kirth looks up from the Lannister boys' bodies to see Robb Stark's wife standing next to him. "Did you know them?" she asks.



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve



Admit you come from the Westerlands.


Disapprove of the boys' murder regardless.


Insist you are a Stark, through and through.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful Icon Kirth wipes a tear from his eye. "As much as any man knows his countrymen." Talisa nods, touching his shoulder. "The King and I are so sorry for your loss."
Alignment New Ways Icon Kirth frowns. "I don't have to know them to mourn them. To kill children..." He shakes his head and storms off, leaving Talisa behind.
Alignment Cunning Icon Add final text for 3rd alignment

Quest Boss Icon Volume III Icon

Previous Quest Storyline
Daggers in the Night - The River Runs Red - III
Volume III

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