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Knights of the Winter Rose

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The story begins with a raven in the night.  Or perhaps I shoud say, the story begins again.....

In the beginning...Edit

Our story first began during the Tourney at Harrenhal.  Over the ten days of the tourney a group of young men and women met and during fierce competitions and nightly feasts became friends.  They came from all corners of the kingdom, but they shared a love of lore, and watched Prince Rhaegar in awe as he bested the greatest knights in the land one after the next.  The Starks earned their respect as well for their defense of Howland Reed.  In youthful spirits they formed a fellowship which they named after Lyanna Stark's favorite winter roses, pledging to act with courage and honor in all their dealings. When the tourney ended they headed their seperate ways with promises to forge new alliances when they each came in to their own.

When Rhaegar Targaryen took Lyanna Stark to the Tower of Joy, each of them wondered who to serve.  Stark or Targaryen?  Choices were made and the friends found themselves at war with each other. What began with high hopes would end in tragedy and death.  The fellowship was shattered by death and exile.

A Fellowship ReformedEdit

Years have passed, and the news of Eddard Stark's execution and the scattering of the Stark children has reached Freya Stormcloud in her exile.  Another message arrives as well, a simple scrap of vellum with two words....Promise Me.  Promises and pledges recall Freya to a duty long abandoned, and friendships that need to be rekindled.  Ravens are sent to the many corners of the kingdom....

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